Paint Mask

Paint Mask #979
Would you like to avoid huffing half a gallon of paint into your lungs while repainting the spare bedroom? Then this Paint Mask is the product for you, as its particulate cotton filters ensure your airways are free from both fumes and droplets. WARNING: Does not protect against airborne viruses.
Improves Graffiti crime exp & skill gains by 5%.

Paint Mask is an Enhancer item that can be found as a result from crimes.


This item can be found as a unique result from the following crimes:

  • Graffiti: By spraying graffiti in the east side

This item can also be found as a common result from the following crimes:

  • Burglary: By burglarizing a self-storage facility


When a player has a Paint Mask in their inventory, their Graffiti crime experience and skill gains are boosted by 5%.

Patch History

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