Old hof

Prior to the release of RESPO this is how the hall of fame looked.

The Hall of Fame (or the HoF as it is colloquially known) is where you can see the top 20 ranked players and factions for certain aspects of Torn. You can also find out where you rank by scrolling to the bottom of the each list. You can find it in the Newspaper or by following this link [1].

Top Factions

Here you can see whom is top dog in the faction world. The list is based on what rank the faction is and not the respect it has.


Does what it says on the tin and shows the top 20 levelled players.


Same as level and shows the top 20 ranked players.


Here you can find the all time best results in each of the casino games except for Lottery which shows the past 20 winners along with Blackjack and Roulette which just shows the best wins from the past 24 hours. Bookie wins are not included in the Hall of Fame. Beware: If you are in the Hall of Fame in the blackjack and roulette lists you are vulnerable to mugging from people who regularly check on these pages. Make sure you keep your money safe!

Faction respect

Here you can see which faction has the most respect. The list is based on what respect the faction has and not what rank it is.

Casino Streak

If you get lucky in the casino then you'll end up here. Lottery, poker and bookies do not contribute to your casino streak.


Here you will see the top 20 busters in Torn.

Most Wanted

Here you can find the top 20 criminals in Torn based on how many crimes they have done.