Office Chair

Office Chair #1354
When the modern trend for standing desks dies out, coders and call handlers beg for forgiveness from the humble office chair. Welcoming your buttocks like a pair of old friends, this ergonomically designed piece of furniture provides comfort, reassurance, and support during those long lonely days staring at a screen. Twenty years from now you'll be barely able to walk, but the memories of this chair's gentle embrace will persist long after your spine gives out.
Improves Cracking crime exp & skill gains by 5%.

Office Chair is an Enhancer item that can obtained as a unique result from crimes.


This item can be obtained as a unique result from the following crime:


When a player has the Office Chair in their inventory, they gain 5% extra "Cracking" experience. They also gain 5% more overall crime skill when doing "Cracking" crimes.

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