Embosser #1314
If you want to create an impression at a party, you should wear a bright shirt and speak as loud and as fast as possible. But if you're looking to impress upon various substrates, an embosser is a more suitable choice. With just a small amount of pressure, this tool can be used to add indentations and raised impressions of designs or text. Forging your doctorate in veterinary science has never been easier!
Required during the production of forgery projects
Sell Price

Embosser is a Tool item that can be found as a result from crimes.

It is required for the Forgery crime during the production of different projects.


Embosser can be found as a result from the following crimes:



Having an Embosser in a player's inventory is required for the Pressing and Embossing step of different Forgery projects.

Like all other tools, Wax Seal Stamps are not lost upon use.

Embossers may be lost upon a critical failure.

Embosser is used during the production of the following projects:

Historical Notes

The Embosser was added as an Other item on 29 May 2023. It was updated to a Collectible item and given an image the next day on 30 May. [1]

Embossers were first introduced with the release of Burglary during Crimes 2.0's early access on 12 September 2023, found by burglarizing self-storage facilities and printing works.

The Embosser was originally an Other item.

  • It was updated to a Collectible item on 30 May 2023
  • It was updated to an Electronic item on 15 June 2023
  • It was updated to a Special item on 09 March 2024
  • It was updated to a Tool item on 01 April 2024.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

  1. Torn Stats, Updates (31/05/23)