Addiction Mitigation


Addiction is a hidden stat that can be increased by using Drugs. It has several negative effects when particular thresholds are met. These include:

  • Employee Effectiveness

As your Addiction level increases, your Employee Effectiveness will decrease. In turn, your effect on company revenue will decrease and the company will make less profit.

  • Passive Battlestat Modifiers

Please note: these passive battlestat modifiers are separate to those caused by the Drug itself. For example Xanax causes -35% modifiers to be applied to each stat - this is not related to the passive modifiers caused by Addiction.

  • Education and Gym access

When your Addiction level is very high, you will lose access to Education (you will be kicked from any currently enrolled course unless you are in 10* Night club), and you will lose access to the Gym (you will be sent to the hospital when visiting the Gym unless under the influence of Drugs).


Addiction Mitigation is a special that reduces these effects of Addiction. You can mitigate the effects of Addiction by up to a total of 50%:

  • 30% from the "Side Effects" Faction special.
  • 20% from the "Addiction Mitigation" Merit upgrade.

With Addiction Mitigation in effect, the threshold for hitting several milestones are altered:

  • The amount of Addiction required to reach each level of negative passive modifier is increased. This will be particularly noticed for higher levels - for example an 8% brain icon will be a 4% brain icon with max Mitigation.
  • The thresholds for Education kicking and Gym "Glass-Door"ing are increased by the percentage of mitigation you have. Using random numbers as an example: if it took 100 Addiction Points to be kicked from Education normally, it would take 200 with max Mitigation.
  • The combination of these effects means that no matter what level of Mitigation you have, you will lose Education and Gym access at the same brain icon levels. These levels have not yet been confirmed since the update so please get in touch if you experience either of them!

Patch History

Released in Patch list #174

Patch list #174 : 29/12/20
  • Added new modifier Addiction Mitigation which reduces all effects of addiction.
  • Added two new merit upgrades "Addiction Mitigation" and "Employee Effectiveness".
  • Changed faction tree special Side Effects to increase a user's Addiction Mitigation.