Recruit Citizens

Bring a Friend

Aka "Recruit Citizens"

This section allows players to promote Torn to potential new players by various means. Referring a new player who levels to level 10 can earn awards; points, 31 days donator status & subscriber-level items can be earned every time a referred player gains 10 levels

Invite your friends

Promote on Social media

"Share Torn on your social media feeds by clicking the buttons below. Adding some personal text about Torn to coax your friends in can make them far more successful - perhaps asking them to train up so they can later join your faction or company. Anyone who signs up via your share will be referred by you."

Promote on Your Website

Contains banners, which can be downloaded, or linked to on a website.

Promote on Forums

Contains BBcode & HTML links (including referral code)

Promote on Signatures

Personalised dynamic signatures! can be used anywhere on the web.