Piggy Bank

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Piggy Bank #820
The Piggy Bank is a porcine pottery vessel which can be used to store money. If you find saving hard, this item works in lieu of willpower to stash your cash away for a rainy day, as its contents can only be acquired by smashing it open.
Can safely store money. Withdrawing the contents will destroy the item.

Piggy Bank is a Special item that can be found in Torn.

  • Piggy Bank is an item available to new players in 'Mission Credit Store' on 'Missions' tab.
  • It costs 5 mission credits. You can buy it after finishing the first three 'New Player Missions' (each rewards 2 mission credits) given by George.
  • This item is an unique, one time use item. It will be available for the first seven days only. Not seen again in the store.
  • You can not acquire it through any other means.
  • You can add money by accessing it through inventory page. You can put unlimited amount of money into it.
  • The money you put in it is seen in the Personal stats page, under networth category and counted towards your total networth.
  • No other player can access the money through mugging or by any other means.
  • To access the money, the owner has to open it. Once it is opened, the money goes to the owner's hand and the item disappears from the item list.
  • This item can not be added to 'Display'.

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