Delete or Restart an account

You may close your Torn account, or restart with a new account via the automated Account Closer system located within your preferences here.

A player can instantly close their account via the preferences page which will block access to all pages. You may cancel the closure process at any point during this period. After a wait of 14 days, they can then initiate deletion of the account. Deleting an account doesn't actually delete it as such, it will just sanitize it - wiping all personal information.

Upon deletion, the following information is removed from the account: Email address, Encrypted password, IP Addresses, Profile details, Profile signature, Forum signature, Bazaar description and all security panel details. Without an email address or password, the user will not be able to login to the account anymore.

A recovery key is provided when the account is deleted, this means even a deleted account can still be restored in the future if the owner wishes.

An account being closed or deleted has no effect on any other players. This process is invisible to others, and the account can still be interacted with as normal (I.e. Attacked).

Users wishing to restart for whatever reason, would need to fully complete the 14 day deletion process on their account before creating a new one. As long as they only have a single non-deleted account at any one time, that is fine.

Please take careful note of these guidelines to deleting and/or restarting.

  • When you request your account to be removed from the game, it is final, and only you will have the recovery key to bring your account back. Staff can not bring the account back. So you must be very sure you are ready to part with your account and all that is on it. There are no exceptions to this rule. Once your account is set up for deletion, it is gone for good if you do not have your recovery key.
  • If you wish to restart a new account, we are happy for you to do so. Understand though restarting a new account means just that. You may not transfer any of your items or money from the old account to the new account. You may not send them to a friend to transfer to the new account for you either. This will result in a fed jail sentence along with all items being stripped and purged from the game. Restarting a new account means a brand new, 1 day old account as it comes.
  • Your new account can NOT be assigned a referral, this must be left blank.

Historical Notes

  • Account closure system - Release of the automatic account closure system. Previously, players had to contact a staff member to declare their wish to delete the account, then they would need to return 48 hours later to confirm the decision. Once an account was deleted by staff (or 'self fedded'), it was irrecoverable.