Halloween Town

As of an in game update this content no longer exists and has since been replaced with Christmas Town, which is a yearly, ever changing, side project for the devs.


You get to move around the map 250 squares per day.

Information regarding Holiday Items


The new 2010 Halloween town started on October 22th and will close on November 5th.


(1, 24) 1 number combination chest
(1, 11) 2 number combination chest
(23, 25) 1 number combination chest
(15, 25) 1 number combination chest
(14, 25) 2 number combination chest
(13, 25) 3 number combination chest
(12, 25) 3 number combination chest
(11, 25) 2 number combination chest
(10, 25) 1 number combination chest
(9, 25) 1 number combination chest
(25, 24) 1 number combination chest (Toms quest)
(14, 22) 3 number combination chest (Williams quest)
(21, 2) 2 number combination chest (Megs quest)

Areas of Interest

(1, 1) Start Location
(14, 23) (14, 21) (13, 23) Once you have completed the tutorials on this page, if you return to the guide at (1,1) he gives you these locations. Currently nothing has been found.
(24, 24) Moving south you can't help but read the tombstone

"Here lies Ched, Creator of a game.

Murdered for the lag, for which you're all to blame."
(25, 23) "You lied and cheated, tried to steal Torn's plunder, now you lie 6 foot under!" I.M.Multi
(18, 17) Bridge


Toms Quest

(19, 11) Tom: Hey mister! I was fishing here by the river and got a big bite. The fish dragged my rod into the river and the next thing you know it was floating down stream. Can you help me find it? It should be south of here.
(17, 4) As you search for Tom's fishing rod you see a branch dipping in the river moving unusually, on closer inspection you see a fishing line caught around the branch. Leaning out you grab hold of the line and start pulling.... a fish!, you continue pulling and sure enough, up pops Tom's rod! He will sure have a fishy story to tell after this trip!
(19, 11) Tom: Wow MightyGoober you're awesome, I can't wait to tell people about the fish that didn't get away! I don't have any money to give you but I can tell you there is a grave in the cemetery with the inscription "Here lies the body of Timothy Blake, Stepped on the gas, not on the brake." Dig behind the headstone and there is a small chest there. Good luck!
(25, 24) As you walk up and down the rows reading the inscriptions you finally arrive at the grave of Timothy Blake. Looking around to make sure no one else is looking you crouch behind the tomb stone and start digging. In no time at all you expose a dusty old chest.

Find Lucy Quest

(20, 21) Sarah: "Help me find my Mommy. I got lost and can not find my way back to the cemetery.
(24, 21) Cemetery admittance: "Due to the recent strange and unexplained disappearances of citizens around Halloween town, the decision has been taken to close the cemetery until further notice." The Sheriff of Halloween Town.
(13, 1) Sheriff of Halloween Town: I can't vouch for your safety MightyGoober, I have reports of missing people already and don't need anymore work... but you look big enough to take care of yourself. Here is the key, you be careful now ya hear!
(24, 21) Sliding the key into the hole, it takes some jiggling to get the gate unlocked.... Click! As you unlock it you hear what sounds like a moan of pain... Are you sure you really want to enter here?
(23, 24) You see a woman distraught by a grave. Lucy: Oh did you unlock the gate? Am I free? I was just visiting the cemetery paying my respects to my late husband. When I went to leave, the gate was locked! I thought for a minute there I would be joining my husband prematurely! Thank you for looking after Sarah I was so worried. Please take this as a token of my appreciation. $673 has been added to your balance

Williams Armor Quest

(21, 24) William the Bald: You over there, come out where I can see you! I am William the Bald, once a mighty knight until they stripped me of my armor. Will you help me get it back? To the south of here you will find a bridge across the river ... Follow the path west until you reach the castle. Here is a key for the gatehouse. Search the castle for my armor, please bring it back. You will be well rewarded...
(12, 18) You unlock the door to the gate house, not knowing what to expect. Inside there is a huge wheel that looks like it takes 4 men to turn. To the side is a leaver... Pulling the lever seems a lot easier ... tugging on it makes the wheel spin like mad! then an almighty CRACK! ... You look outside to see the draw bride is lowered... Not so hard.
(11, 22)
  • This is a random chance, just keep going up and down until you get it.
Walking north you enter a room with sheets draped over different objects. A tall sheet in the corner looks just the the right size and shape to be armor. Pulling off the sheet reveals a shiny silver armor with a gold crest... must be valuable!
(21, 24) William the Bald: Ohh you actually found it! I don't believe it! Oh I am sorry I sent you on that wild goose chase...Listen, ever since I bought that castle I have had nothing but bad luck. It's cursed I tell you!! I don't want it or anything from there, for your troubles why don't you go ahead and keep the Silver Armor. Silver Armor has been added to your items list.

Megs Quest

(21, 8) Meg: I was skipping on the way to my grandma's with this pumpkin lantern that I made at school. All of a sudden I tripped and fell, The rest is history, as you can see the pumpkin is now in pieces all over the place. Can you help me make another one? I need a new pumpkin, a kitchen knife and a candle. Will you help me?
(24, 12)
  • This is a random chance, just keep going up and down until you get it.
Walking past a large tree you notice a carving in the trunk that says "turn back". At the base of the tree you see wood shavings and a kitchen knife.
(19, 13)
  • This is a random chance, just keep going up and down until you get it.
Moving through the bushes you peel back the leaves and there right in front of you is a huge perfectly shaped pumpkin. This could be perfect for little Meg. With a swift tug you yank the pumpkin free.
(23, 23)
  • This is a random chance, just keep going up and down until you get it.
  • To enter the graveyard you must first complete Lucy's quest
As you walk through the graveyard, you spot a half burnt out candle sitting on a tomb. It's just the right size to sit inside a pumpkin! Before you move on you can't help but read the inscription on the tomb ... "I told you that I was sick!"
(21, 8) Meg: Oh thank you so much, my grandma will be so happy! I don't have anything to give to you as a reward but I can tell you a secret... To the south from here there is a dead tree, in the hollow trunk there is a chest but I don't have the code. Good luck in finding it and thanks again.
(21, 2) 2 number combination chest

Lumberjack Quest

(2, 23) Len the lumberjack: Hi there, I am in a bit of a pickle ... I came here to cut some wood to make repairs to the Mayors cottage but I lost my axe on the way here. Now I am going to have to make a new axe, Look at the time ... I have been searching for hours, can you help me look for a suitable piece of wood to make a handle?
(2, 25)
  • This is a random chance, just keep going up and down until you get it.

As your looking for a suitable piece of wood, you smack your head on a solid low hanging branch. Rubbing your head you look at the offending piece of wood... it's almost dead straight with a slight bow ... perfect for an axe handle. Using all of your weight you pull on the branch... with a loud crack the branch breaks off.

Len will be pleased!
(2, 23) Len the lumberjack: Oh hello there, is that for me? By Jupiter!, that will make a great handle. Now ... we need some iron ore to forge the head of the Axe, there is a cave to the south of here, you should be able to find some Iron ore there...Are you up to the task?!
(3, 11) As your hands run over the cave walls you feel what appears to be scratch marks running north to south ... thinking about it you imagine these scratches could be left over from a miners pick. You bend down and feel around the floor, you soon find a clump of what you hope is Iron ore.
(2, 23) Len the lumberjack: Nice work young one, this is indeed Iron ore, you are a very good scrounger. I have one last task for you, I need a whetstone to sharpen the axe. To the south of the caves there is a rocky area, here you can find a stone called "Belgian coticule". It is a yellow grey color and ideal for sharpening my new axe. Please find and return this stone to me. I will get to work on forging the axe head.
(1, 8) As you scramble over the ever increasing boulders one stone catches your eye. The light reflecting of this stone appears more yellow then the other stones around it. This must be the Belgian coticule Len described. Wishing now you had worked out more with those dumbbells, you heave the stone onto your shoulder.
(2, 23) Len the lumberjack: Ahhh leave it there, the ground can hold it for me when I come to re-sharpen the axe head. Thank you MightyGoober, I am a simple lumberjack with not much money, so to thank you I used the excess iron ore you collected to make this small cauldron for you. I hope it will come in handy on your travels, Good luck!


When you encounter a danger you will be immediately taken to the hospital, once released you start back at (1,1) in the town, you do not lose any quest progress or items.

Hospital Time
While unable to see through the dense fog, you stumble and trip over a rock. You've been taken to hospital. 16 minutes
The night is so dark you cannot see what's in front of you, you hear what sounds like cries nearby. Picking up your pace step by step, you face plant into a tree. Realizing this might take more than a plaster you head off to the Urgent Care. You've been taken to hospital. 11 minutes
While fondling near the riverside for items, you trip and fall in to the river, bashing your head on a rock! You've been taken to hospital. 10 minutes