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For community events, see Current Events

Events list everything that had happened to a player's account in chronological order. They can be saved, deleted, sent to others, or viewed. As pf 23 April 2023, an unlimited number of events can be stored. [1] The link in the Sidebar will be bold when a new event occurs, with the number of new events in brackets.

Some examples of different events include:

  • Chedburn attacked you but managed to run away. [View]
  • Chedburn sent an application to join your faction.
  • Chedburn bought 2 x Lollipop from your bazaar for $500.
  • Chedburn mugged you but could not find any cash. [View]
  • Chedburn has accepted the trade with you. You must now accept to finalize it. Please click here to continue.
  • Chedburn busted you out of jail.
  • Chedburn attacked you and hospitalized you. [View]
  • Chedburn has put a bounty on you with a $1,000,000 reward.
  • Chedburn has accepted the trade with you. You must now accept to finalize it. Please click here to continue.
  • You have been selected by Chedburn to participate in an organised crime. You, along with 4 others will make up the team to rob a bank in 96 hours.
  • You pop the Xanax pill into your mouth and down a glass of water.

P.S: Usually every event notified will be recorded in your activity log. The exception is Lotto winner. Unless you win the lottery, event regarding the winner of lottery (in which you participated) will not be registered in your activity log.

Historical Notes

Events were previously deleted after 2,500 events.(approximately) Events were updated to the current system on 25 April 2023.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Events page rebuild : 25/04/23
  • The UX has been drastically simplified.
  • The archaic storage method from 20 years ago has been replaced, this stressed our database servers, delayed our backups, and limited how many events we could keep before older ones were pruned. We now use a highly efficient cloud-based solution, the same one used by faction news and the logs system.
  • Previously we allowed for a maximum of 2,500 events per player before older events were pruned, this is now unlimited.
  • Pagination is unavailable with this efficient long-term storage method, however we've implemented progressive loading as you scroll down. It's also now possible to search events by date ranges. Like faction news, searching events by text is still possible, but must now use whole words only.
  • Events can still be sent to other players, however these events will now be sent inside a regular event, rather than unnecessarily utilizing a whole separate system. Events can also now be copied by clicking the 'copy' button.
  • Much like the logs system, events can no longer be deleted. There should never be any need to delete any events, just as there's never any need to delete logs.
  1. Chedburn Events page rebuild (25/04/23)