CityWatch was an official downloadable program that allowed players to monitor their status and set alerts for events in Torn. It was released on 3 November 2010 [1] and could be purchased at the Points Building for 50 points.

The announcement that CityWatch had reached its end of life was made on 5 February 2019. It was removed from the Points Building at the same time. The announcement referenced the reason for the shutdown of CityWatch as the program being outdated and the availability of many community created softwares that now filled its role. CityWatch was shut down on 6 April 2019. [2] All players who purchased CityWatch at any point during its run were refunded 50 points. [3]

CityWatch was downloaded through a link given after a player paid the 50 points. Players who did not pay would be unable to sign in.


CityWatch would send push notifications (with an option for a sound to play) and alert to a player after reaching a travel destinations or Energy and Nerve bars being full. Pop up notifications would stay on screen until closed. A player could decide to enable or disable pop up notifications for any option available.


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