Big Brother House

Big Brother House was a feature removed from the game with the RESPO release on the 23 June 2014.

Big Brother House

Big Brother is an annual competition hosted by Body [70242] And co-hosted by various different players each year.

To enter this competition, stay active in the forums, and wait for Body to post her thread on how to enter. For 2011's Big Brother it was a simple test of character, asking various questions about you as a person (no personal details, no need to worry!) such as "What can you bring to Big Brother? (except bacon)" .

The Format of Big Brother

A task will be presented for all housemates to complete Winner of task (who is called HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD) will have the option to place two people “on the block” If you are on the block you are up for eviction There is a POV (power of veto) task, before votes to evict are collected. All house members do the POV task including the two on the block If you win the POV you have the power to remove someone from “the block” (including yourself if you are on the block. Then the HOH (head of household) will have to put someone else up on the block. Then all housemates vote who they wish to evict from the house. The one with the most votes is removed from the house.

This will be how things work in general, the first few tasks may get rid of all the straglers to begin with however, and have, say teams of 5 leave at a time, for not pulling their weight in the tasks.

Examples of Tasks



Contestants must go down to Jail, and bust as many people as possible within a specified time frame, or maybe not a specified time frame, sometimes just until Body says STOOOOP!

Tips: Take Xanax for more energy
      Use Cans for more energy
      Use Refills for more energy
      Use FHC's for more energy
      Get into a faction with Pertinant

Become a Drug Dealer

The aim of this task, is to do as many 8 nerve crimes as possible!

Tips: Use ALL of your nerve towards 8 nerve Crimes
      Use bottles for more nerve
      Get into a faction with higher Gallant

Pass the Pussy

Contestants play a game of pass the parcel essentially but with a kitten plushie.


How well do you know your Body?

This task consists of answering questions regarding the host Body.

Tips: Know EVERYTHING about Body
      Get into Teamspeak and ask her things before this task comes up!

Little Shop of Horrors

Body will say that she is thinking of something from a shop in Torn City, eg. Sally's Sweet Shop

The contestants will then have to mail Body with an item that ISN'T the one she has chosen.

Tips: Guess, it is completely random!

Find a Friend

The aim of this task is to have as many people as possible add you to their friends list.

Tips: $1 Bazaar Sales - People will friend you to access your bazaar easily.
      Don't mail people asking them, they will add you to their enemies list instead.

Dexy's Shoes

In this task, the contestants are given a link to a website with lots of High Heels on. Then have to pick 10 pairs, of which add up a certain total that Dexy would buy.

Tips: Work around the total and cost as appose to the actual shoes.

Picture Task

In this task the contestant are given 'zoomed in' pictures or part of a picture, and they need to figure out, what the object is that they're looking at.

Tips: Know all about obscure objects.

Body's Shopping List

The contestants are given a series of pictures of Body's shopping, and have to estimate how much it would all cost!

Tips: Look closely at the image so that you include ALL items.
      Remember you are working in US$
      Think about special offers that might be on. eg. Buy one Get one free

A trip down memory lane

Contestants have to remember EVERYTHING that has gone on in the big brother house, such as winners to Tasks and POV's. Then answer a series of questions, about tasks or quotes taken from the Big Brother House.

Tips: Log everything - Every winner and how much they won by eg. Pixie - Won Find a Friend Task by 250 friends due to Dollar Sales
      Learn the way people speak, it will help you when it comes to the quotes.

Russian Roulette

The contestants have games of russian roulette, the person who wins the most games wins the task.

Tips: Pray 

Pov Examples

Paint Task

The majority of the POV's will be paint tasks, using MS Paint to create images about scenes, that the POV starter will choose.

Tips: It is all about humour not a decent image.
      Think out of the box.

The Run-around

In the last series it was Sweeney and Phil who were the two Pov hosters, so I shall use them as an example. The contestants must mail either Sweeney or Phil, whoever has the most mails, everyone who mailed them would be out. eg. 10 people mail Sweeney

   5 people mail Phil
   The 10 who mailed Sweeney would be out.
Tips: Go with your instincts, eg. don't think "I would go for Phil but so will everyone else so I will go for Sweeney."

Sweeney or Phil

Contestants have a list of statements, where the answer is either 'Sweeney did it', 'Phil did it', or 'it was was fake'!

Tips: Know about Sweeney and Phil

Lymerick contest

Simple, make a lymeric on the theme given.

Tips: Write a few for practice
      They should be funny and follow the correct rythym

Hot Potato

Such as the Pass the Pussy task, but with another item.

Tips: Be active

Random Number

The starter states that they are thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. The contestants mail the starter with a number. Closest person to the original number wins.

Tips: Pray

Why do Big Brother?

1.) The FUN

2.) To Meet loads of new people

3.) The brilliant prize for the winner

4.) To enhance your skills with MS paint.