Unofficial Torn Changelog (RESPO ver 1.0.3)

Expect fixes to go live either Tuesday or Friday each week source

New Additions

  • New City Map, zoom all the way in to search for "City Finds"
  • New Forums + Karma system, old forums are still searchable and saved HERE
  • Casino Games Updated in Flash
  • Change to 3 Lotteries : "Daily Dime" - Draws Daily, "Luck Shot Lotto" Draws Weekly (like old torn lotto and still uses Lottery Vouchers), "Holy Grail" Draws Monthly
  • New Honor - "Forgiven" to Commitment Category (attained through Church)
  • New Mobile Top Toolbar interface source
  • City Watch Fixed - May still need to log in prior to loading program source
  • Personal Perks should now update for stocks/properties/edu ect. source
  • Saved and Received Events bug fixed source
  • Factions War - Claim War Link should now be fixed. source
  • Racing - It is now open!

Upcoming New Features (top of list will most likely go live first)

  • Fixes to JS/CSS loading, compression,ect. (reducing load times for pages and/or total data use)
  • Forced Desktop (PC) View much like how mobile was Pre-RESPO.
  • New Russian Roulette to Casino Games
  • New Attack & Armor System
  • New 10-Star companies and specials
  • Flash Poker/ Blackjack/ High-Low
  • Crimes & New Missions

Known Bugs

  • Anonymously Sent Messages/Mails/Money/Items currently still appear "Recent" Tab source
  • Company Size - sometimes bugs out and is unable to upgrade source
  • Company Trains - Sometimes you will get more than 5 trains a day without extra trainers source
  • Dual Wield Melee Course (Education) - is currently unavailable until missions get restored. source
  • Factions - if you are in an OC you cannot leave the faction until it is cancelled source
  • Friends / Enemies List does not show (confirmed using I.E. & Firefox) source
  • Forum Profile - you must manually edit links in your profile each time you save or they will break source
  • Forum Signatures - short text signatures/links will be considered invalid as they are "too long"
  • Merits - extra merits added in error by the system are currently auto-deducted. (this is normal)
  • Notebook - Available by direct linking HERE
  • Poker Bad Splits - will still happen since new Poker 2.0 has yet to be released
  • RFC Errors - try refreshing the page as a workaround.
  • Temporary Block - making 60 requests to the server within a minute results in a temporary 1 min ban on actions source
  • Weapon Experience has been disabled until further notice source

Mobile Torn Bugs

  • Bug - Various pages do not function correctly in particular Faction features, Warbase, Item/Bazaar/Stock Market.
  • Bug - Unable to upgrade property / hire staff.
  • Bug - Faction Armory is unable to be accessed on certain devices (Samsung S4, iPhone)
  • Bug - Energy Refills don't work on Blackberry Z10.
  • Bug - Huge Data consumption rates when using mobile torn.