Chaining 2.0

The Basics

What IS chaining?

Chaining is a warring tool designed to supplement warring between Factions. Chaining starts with an initial 5 minute 'warm up' period, where 10 successful attacks must be made. Once the chain reaches 10 each subsequent hit must be made within 5 minutes - if a successful hit is made, the timer will reset and the chain counter will increase by 1. A successful attack may be made against anyone in Torn, and you may leave, mug or hospitalise them to build your chain. Only members who are in the faction at the beginning of a chain may contribute hits - and you may not leave and rejoin.

If your chain breaks (i.e. no one in your faction makes a hit for 5 minutes) it will begin to cooldown at a rate of 10 seconds per hit made. So if you reach a chain of 100, it will take 1,000 seconds to reach zero and be fully 'cooled down'. You may attack during the cooldown period, however it will have no effect on the cooling chain.

The purpose of building a chain is to reach 13 designated bonuses at 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, and 100000 attacks. Each bonus provides a huge flat bonus amount of respect.

Bonus Respect Cooldown
Hit #10 10 100 seconds
Hit #25 20 250 seconds
Hit #50 40 8 minutes, 20 seconds
Hit #100 80 16 minutes, 40 seconds
Hit #250 160 41 minutes, 40 seconds
Hit #500 320 1 hour, 23 minutes
Hit #1,000 640 2 hours, 47 minutes
Hit #2,500 1280 6 hours, 57 minutes
Hit #5,000 2560 13 hours, 53 minutes
Hit #10,000 5120 1 day, 4 hours
Hit #25,000 10,240 2 days, 21 hours
Hit #50,000 20,480 5 days, 19 hours
Hit #100,000 40,960 11 days, 14 hours

Unlocking chaining

In order to build chains, you must first unlock each bonus by completing a challenge and assigning a permanent respect cost.

Maximum Chain Unlock Challenge Respect Cost
10 No challenge 1,412
25 Achieve a chain of 10 2,173
50 Achieve a chain of 25 3,067
100 Achieve a chain of 50 4,719
250 Achieve a chain of 100 6,662
500 Achieve a chain of 250 10,251
1,000 Achieve a chain of 500 15,773
2,500 Achieve a chain of 1,000 22,265
5,000 Achieve a chain of 2,500 34,258
10,000 Achieve a chain of 5,000 48,358
25,000 Achieve a chain of 10,000 74,404
50,000 Achieve a chain of 25,000 105,027
100,000 Achieve a chain of 50,000 161,596

Gaining respect

Every time a member of your faction makes an attack (on users not in your own faction) they will earn respect. The amount of respect earned varies quite a bit depending on the target due to a number of different multipliers that are applied under certain conditions.

Base respect

Base respect is level dependent. Very simply, the higher the level of your target, the more respect you will earn. Base respect follows the equation:

  • Base Respect = (Ln(x) + 1.0)/4.0

where x is the level of the target. It also appears to be rounded to 2 decimal places before being applied... For example, a level 95 yields 1.3884 based on the formula above, although data suggests 1.39 is the true value applied.


Chain scale

Beyond the 10th hit, a chain scale multiplier is applied to each hit's respect, that increases very slowly between 1x and 2x for chains between 10 and 100,000. This multiplier follows the equation:

  • Chain Scale Multiplier = 0.25 * Log_10(x) + 0.75

where x is the # hit in the chain. For example, the 1,337th hit of a chain will apply a 1.53x multiplier to the respect earned. Whatever the multiplier is when a chain breaks will continue to be applied to any hit made during the cooldown period. This multiplier is not applied at any bonus, instead the designated bonus multiplier described above is applied instead.


Attacking type

As mentioned previously, any type of attack counts toward a chain - although this comes with a single caveat: mugging someone applies a multiplier of 0.75x to the respect gained.


A retaliation hit is an attack (hospitalisation only) made on someone that has attacked one of your faction members within the last 5 minutes. Retaliations provide a multiplier of 1.5x, and can only be claimed once on a player until they attack your faction again.

Group attacks

Attacking as part of a group not only aids in defeating a target, but can substantially increase the respect gained too. Each additional friendly attacker will result in a depreciating bonus multiplier being applied to the respect earned, following this equation:

  • Group Attack Multiplier = 1.5 - 0.25 * 0.5^(x-1)

where x is the number of additional friendly attackers in the same faction. For example, 3 additional attackers will apply a multiplier of 1.4375x.


Hitting an opponent you are in a war with - be it Territorial, Competitive or Destructive - will apply a multiplier of 2x to the respect earned. For a territory war, your opponent must be on their wall for you to receive this bonus.

Fair fights

The fair fight (FF) multiplier ranges between 1x and 3x and is applied for attacking a target with battle stats that are similar to your own. The exact mechanics are not fully understood yet, but the basics are as follows:

  • Attacking someone with roughly 50% of your total battle stats or higher yields a FF of 3x (1)
  • The lower a target's battle stats are compared to yours, the more the FF multiplier tends toward 1x
  • Any war hit automatically defaults FF to 3x

(1) Battle stat balance does have an effect on this. It is currently believed that FF is based upon a battle stat 'score' that is somehow calculated based on each of your battle stats and their relative balance. Targets with a higher total than your own, but a poor balance and hence lower battle stat score, have been shown to yield less respect than that of targets with slightly lower total stats but better balance.

Overseas attacking

Attacking a target that is currently in another country will apply a multiplier of 1.25x.

Losing Respect

Your faction will lose 25% of the respect gained by an opposing faction if one of their members attacks yours. This can potentially be devastating at the higher bonuses, so watch out!

Chaining Merits

There are numerous Awards than can be achieved through chaining:

  • Chaining 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for contributing toward chains of 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000, respectively.
  • Carnage, Massacre and Genocide for making a single hit that gains your faction 10+, 100+ and 1000+ respect, respectively.

Historical Notes

  • Previously, chains ran up to 100 only - with bonuses at 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 with fixed respect gains (of 10, 25 etc.). Chains could be extended beyond 100, however as there were no bonuses above this point it was not beneficial to do so. This old chaining system was removed on 12/09/17 and replaced with 2.0 on 10/11/17.
  • On 30/10/18 respect loss was changed to 25%, up from 10%.
  • On 30/10/18 bonuses were changed to be a flat number, unaffected by any multipliers. Before this base respect (level) and killtype (mugging) would modify the bonus value.